Premium Membership


Even more exclusive opportunities with THE RETURNEES Premium Membership 

Premium Members receive:

  • Free, unlimited and priority access to all ticketed events and exhibitions

  • Discounts and offers on certain partnership products and services

  • Access into every Returnee WhatsApp Group across continents for sharing information

  • Receiving job postings and business opportunities before other groups of members.

  • Access into more Returnee sections: Fitness, Mentorship,…

  • Discounted The Returnee Shirt and Cap

  • Access to networking events, business forums and community

  • Inclusion in the monthly email newsletters

  • Reduced rates on the Media Kit to promote your business, event or personal work.

Plus, all the benefits of THE Membership:

  • Expand your contact directory with opportunities and possibilities your fingertips.

  • Get experienced insider advice and research from established business owners and well read members.

Over the phone:

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