It all started...

In 2014, the Returnees Founder, Samson moved back to Nigeria after been away for over 14 years; he didn't know anyone and wanted to meet people and get to know more about the new developments of his country. While growing his network, he created a Blackberry Messenger Group and saw that there was a market for it. A market to exchange ideas, build concepts, businesses and the country, as well as relationships both socially and otherwise. 

As his network grew, he got hit with the idea to have the largest network for people returning to Nigeria. Hence, this website.

His vision is to bring back as many Nigerians in the diaspora back to Nigeria to help with the infrastructure and development of the country.

Nigeria has some of the brightest and educated people abroad who are contributing immensely to the economies of other countries. 

Therefore, our goal is to create networks of opportunities for people returning or planning to return back to Nigeria and ensuring that they'll have a safe landing and settle in well with people at your fingertips to always guide, help and build you up.